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The European macroalgae industry is based on the harvesting of natural resources of macroalgae. Worldwide macroalgae production (includes brown, red and green seaweeds) increases 5.7 % every year, in 2008 nearly 14 mill tons of macroalgae was produced from capture and aquaculture. In Europe the production has been stable since 1960, but has decreased in the last 10 years. The further expansion of the industry depends on a stable access to raw material, development of valuable products and the transfer of expertise between developed and less developed regions.


Therefore, the project NETALGAE aims to create a European network of relevant stakeholders within the marine macroalgae sector. Compilation of information from different regions will result in a wide ranging policy study of existing practice within the macroalgae industry. Analysis of the results will establish a best practice model and suggest policies for the successful, sustainable commercial utilization of marine macroalgae resources.


The study of national and regional development policies and regulatory environments will identify and promote an existing development and regulatory model, or lead to development of a best practice model. The network is expected to make progress towards developing industrial, commercial and scientific links and foster a culture of trade and cooperation between the memberships, and will include primary producers, processors, technology suppliers, process consultants, research institutes, development agencies, local governments and relevant community groups and other stakeholders. A European macroalgae congress will bring together industry, policy makers, environmentalists, and regulators with a view to developing a sustainable industrial macroalgae sector across the Atlantic seaboard.


  1. General baseline study of all national algae industries across the project area.
  2. Assessment of algae regulation, administration and management systems.
  3. Development of best practice guidelines for management and sustainability of algae resources.
  4. Development of a European algal industry database.
  5. Creation of a European- wide algae industry portal and business tools.



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