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Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Center - Agrocampus Ouest

Agrocampus Ouest is a centre for higher education and research in agriculture, food and environmental sciences, depending on the French Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries.

Within Agrocampus Ouest, the Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Center (18 scientists, 10 PhD students) is the only one in France in charge of a polytechnical and multidisciplinary graduate and post-graduate program in fisheries science & aquaculture (900 students graduated, since 1970). This center works together with other institutes (IRD, Ifremer, UMR AMURE of University of western Brittany, and foreign research institutes). Scientists lead national, European and international research projects. The general theme of research relates to the methodologies for studying the dynamics of fisheries resources and systems. The research program aims at overpassing methods commonly used for managing living aquatic resources by integrating both environmental aspects of sustainability of aquatic ecosystems and socio-economic aspects of exploitation systems.

In this Center, the “Cellule Etude et Transfert” (Applied studies and outreach unit) was created in 2005 to develop links with industries, managers, stakeholders and researchers involved in fisheries and in chains of value (seafood products).

10-15 project managers & research assistants work in this unitand they are located in Rennes and Beg Meil (Bretagne).


Marie Lesueur
Pôle halieutique
Agrocampus Ouest Centre de Rennes
Cellule Etudes et Transfert
65 rue de Saint Brieuc
CS 84215
35042 Rennes cedex

Tel: 02-23-48-58-62

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